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12meter or 15m aluminum folding ladder


Fire Ladder


Personal protection

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*GA137-2007 standard 
*ladder rung:0.3M

High strength aluminum alloy, the pulling ladder in the expansion and condensation process, the limiting device is safe and reliable when expansion and condensation the pulling ladder. Can be used for fire fighting, rescue, aerial rescue firefighting operation; especially in the city without climbing cart, and fire channel narrow, climbing car cannot be reached the scene, while the ordinary ladder at the scene and not up to the required height, the ladder can be matched with a fire extinguisher, relief; can also be used for factories, mines, and other high multi-storey building repair and a variety of climbing.

1 working condition (m ): 9 - 0.2 ( 8.99), minimum ladder width (mm) 310 + 2 ( 311), ladder climbing spacing of 300 + 2 ( 300);

2 horizontal bending residual deformation ratio of less than 0.30 ( 0.10):;

3 rungs bending residual deformation ratio of less than 0.5 ( 0.13):;

4: less than 55 kg weight;


The ladder was applied to below seven layers  building, used  in the event of accident rescue or escape.

1, the aluminum alloy pipe pedal ( outer circle with anti-skid groove ),to reduce the weight and increase the strength of the rope ladder.

 2, can automatically open the support feet, the pedal and the wall to maintain a certain distance, save the storage space.

3, the detachable safety hook and the adjustable bracket connected, enhances the ladder function

4, both sides are made of permanent fire-retardant ribbon.

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