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Aramid Fiber Cowhide Felt Fire Fighter Gloves from factory

Aramid Fiber Cowhide Felt Fire Fighter Gloves from factory

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  Aramid Fiber Cowhide Felt Fire Fighter Gloves from factory 


1,  Description :


With outer layer, waterproof layer, insulating layer, lining ,four layer structures. The shell  made of  leather material. with flame-retardant, waterproof, antistatic performance, low rate of contraction with preheating, feel very nice , comfortable use, convenient, agile, good waterproof performance.




1, the overall thermal protective performance of TPP over 36.4cal / cm2

2, mechanical properties:

Wear resistant properties of > 2000N

Cutting force > 15N

Tear strength more than or equal to 189.7N

Piercing force is more than or equal to 121.7N

3, the dorsum of the  hand stitched with a width not less than 50mm ,

360 degrees reflecting sign belt



Out layer material          Cow Leather materials                                                               
Waterproof layer material

TPU low permeability
Milky white waterproof bag

Heat insulation layer material  Aramid mats
Inner layer  cotton 



3.Products detailed photos as below:

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