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EN standard flame retardant fire jacket


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 1. Features


 Comply with <Firefighter Protection Suits>standard and ZGZ-ZPJY-001:2009 <

Firefighters extinguishing protection clothing mandatory batch-by-batch inspection rules

>.Have flame-ratardant,water-proof & breathable ability,thermal resistant and strong identification performance.







Technical Specification

Model :    ZFMH-E

Model :  ZFMH-E

Outer shell Material: 93% meta aramid 5% para aramid 2% antistatic

Outer shell Material: Kanox&mazic aramid

Moisture barrier : aramid felt with PTFE membrane

Moisture barrier :PTEF

Thermal barrier: Aramid

Thermal barrier: Aramid fiber felt

Comfortable lining : plain poplin

Comfortable lining : Kanox aramid

Damaged length≤10cm

Renewal burning time≤2s

Ventilation volume ≥5000g/m224h

Weight ≤3.3Kg/set

TPP value≥35cal/cm

Hydrostatic pressure≥17000pa

Color:Navy blue,black,yellow ,khaki for option


















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