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Model No XMC3PW/80-XL150ZH-A
Standard CCC GA768-2008
Braking distance  7.5M 
Acceleration noise  78.4dB (A) 
Stable roll angle 25 degrees 
Service quality  445kg 
Full load quality  676kg 
Maximum speed  53km/h 
Number of passengers 2
High pressure pump rated flow rate 0.48L/s
The rated working pressure of the spray gun  2.5Mpa 
The rated flow spray gun  more than 0.27L/s 
Direct current ejection distance > 15m 
Coil length 30mm
Tank volume 80L
Shape Size  320*110.5*179.8CM 
weight 676kgs
engine type Four stroke single cylinder air cooling
packing Fault diagnosis instrument: 1 pieces
Spark plug: 1 pieces
Spark plug sleeve: 1 pieces
Charger: 1 pieces, 220V
Battery: 1 pieces, BH36V
Internal six angle wrench: 3 pieces, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm each one
Open wrench: 1, 12~14
Cross screwdriver: 1, 150
A word screwdriver: 1 pieces, 1 x 5.5 x 150 

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