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Firefighting supplies full face gas mask


Air breathing Apparatus


Personal protection

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Large field of view plane window, the window surface using polycarbonate lenses with high transparency, strong wear resistance, with anti-fog function, mesh hood wearing style, wear comfortable, convenient, colloidal silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless , no stimulation, airtight performance.

Protective performance:

The product can effectively filteroutthefire intheCO (carbon monoxide), carbon dioxide,hydrogen cyanide, acrolein,fumes andarsine, benzene, hydrogen bromide, pairs ofphosgene, lewisitegas, mustard gas and othertoxic gases.
Among them, the CO(carbon monoxide) protectiontime: ≥ 40min,comprehensiveAntivirustime: ≥60min. Ensurethatthe wearerto breathe properly, to preventpoisoning.


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