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JJXF Brand fire equipment Positive pressure firefighting oxygen Air respirator


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JJXF Brand fire equipment Positive pressure firefighting oxygen Air respirator


Comply with GA632-2006 " positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus Fire " standard. Closed loop positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus, positive pressure throughout the respiratory and circulatory systems, suitable for use in long-term toxic and harmful to the environment . High temperature, flame retardant, corrosion, water , air tightness, internal cooling , long time performance. Closed-circuit breathing gas supply system , fully enclosed by the mask for the exhaust hose , high pressure oxygen cylinders, pressure relief devices , gas chamber , special agents and protective containers.

Atmospheric pressure : (70 ~ 125) KPa
Relative humidity: 0 to 100%
Temperature : -10 ~ 60 °C
Key Features:
Respiration 50L/min
Respiratory rate 25 breaths / min
Heat resistance :
Expiratory resistance ≤ 700Pa (485)
Inspiratory resistance ≤ 600Pa (323)
Quantitative amount of oxygen ≥ 1.4L/min (1.52)
Automatic replenishment amount of oxygen ≥ 80 L / min (100)
Manual oxygen supply amount ≥ 80 L / min (100)
Automatic fill valve opening pressure (50 ~ 250) Pa (190)
Inhale carbon dioxide concentration ≤ 1.0%
Inspiratory oxygen concentration ≥ 21%
The main parameters
Rated guard time 240min

Oxygen bottles rated working pressure of 20MPa 

Oxygen bottle volume 2.4L
Oxygen storage 480L
Calcium hydroxide fill about 2.2kg
Pressure alarm:
Sounds an alarm in the open, close, and residual pressure of (5.5 ± 0.) MPa while.
Sound level intensity> 70dB (87), audible time 30 ~ 60s (39)
Maximum air consumption ≤ 5L/min (2.9)
Weight: ≤ 16kg (14) (excluding the ice and the absorbent)

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