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Made in China 230m Pneumatic Line Throwers


Peneumatic Line Thrower


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Line Throwing Apparatus, Rope Thrower


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1. Comply with GB/T 27906-2011<Lifesaving Throwing Device Requirement>standard.

2. Lifesaving throwing device is a kind of compressed air piping device with over 230m throwing distance.

3. Mainly used for throwing rescue rope, lifebuoy or anchor hooks from the long distance. Different functions are available by matching with different objects. It can be used in fire rescue, whitewater rescue, coastal drilling, offshore fishing, rapid reaction force, naval vessel, safety industry and other areas.

4. The device is powered by high-pressure air, could throwing rope or auto-gas-filling lifebuoy fast and safely to the target from the water or on land.





Cylinder volume/pressure (L/MPa) : 1.5/30
Gun work pressure (MPa) : 8.5
Launch distance (m) : 230M
Launch deviation: no greater than 10% of  the range.

Emission gas cylinders and gun air tightness: work pressure of flooding 5 min without leakage
Life buoy aeration time (S) : 3 or less
After filling life buoy air-tightness: fully immersed in water for 1 h without any leakage
The overall weight (kg) : <21KG


Made in China 230m Pneumatic Line Throwers

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