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Made in China aramid fire fighting clothing

Made in China aramid fire fighting clothing

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Made in China aramid fire fighting clothing


1. Features


EN Standard Fire Suit complies with GA10-2014 <<Fire Fighting Protective Clothing>>Standard, for body protection. Have flame-retardant, water-proof & breathable, thermal-resistant, anti-static and strong indentification performance, is suitable for firefighters in the fire fighting and rescue working condition, protect fireman's body and limbs from getting hurt. Excellent heat radiation performance in the general fire condition, can do a long time protect firefighters fighting, but in dangerous circumstances, should use water gun to protect,should avoid direct contact with flames and melten metal.




Technical Specification

Model :   ZFMH-JX D(DRD)  

Model :   ZFMH-JX B(DRD)

Outer shell Material: 93% meta aramid 5% para aramid 2% antistatic (ripstop) 210g/m2

Outer shell Material: 93% meta-aramid 5%para aramid 2% antistatic (Twill woven) 210g/m2


Moisture barrier : aramid felt with PTFE membrane 108g/m2

Moisture barrier : aramid felt with PTEF 108g/m2

Thermal barrier: Aramid felt 75g/m2

Thermal barrier: Aramid felt 75g/m2

Comfortable lining : 50%aramid50%FR vicose

Comfortable lining : 50%aramid50%FR vicose

Damaged length≤10cm

Renewal burning time≤2s

Ventilation volume ≥5000g/m224h

Weight ≤3.3Kg/set

TPP value≥35cal/cm

Hydrostatic pressure≥17000pa

Color:Navy blue,black,yellow ,khaki for option





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