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retractable aluminium ladders for fire fighting


Fire Ladder


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The ladder was applied to below seven layers  building, used  in the event of accident rescue or escape.


1, the aluminum alloy pipe pedal ( outer circle with anti-skid groove ),to reduce the weight and increase the strength of the rope ladder.


 2, can automatically open the support feet, the pedal and the wall to maintain a certain distance, save the storage space.


3, the detachable safety hook and the adjustable bracket connected, enhances the ladder function


4, both sides are made of permanent fire-retardant ribbon.







1. according to the window width, adjusting and fixing bracket, tighten the fixing box, placed on the window sill.


2.check hook installation safety to put down the ladder.


3.a single pedal load should not exceed 200kg (including human and material ).


4. strictly prohibited in the fire environment. 


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 retractable aluminium ladders for fire fighting



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